Halloween candy or Halloween drugs?



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Cocaine and marijuana in the form of a Hello Kitty lollipop? In this day and age, people are finding new ways to incorporate drugs into normal everyday things. With Halloween approaching, police officials are warning both kids and parents to double check their trick or treating earnings.

This has been a problem for several years. In 2015, ABC News reported, “…candies recovered during raids all were laced with drugs. Marijuana, synthetics that mimic LSD, bath salts and new chemicals known as Flaka and NBome. Each of these drugs look like ordinary candy.”

Younger kids don’t have enough common sense to realize the difference between a normal, packaged candy, and what could possibly be drugs disguised as candy. It is the adults’ responsibility to inspect the candy for their children. If you’re not sure, be safe and throw it away.

“Everyone needs to be safe about their candy this year. People are getting smarter and finding clever ways to incorporate drugs into everyday items and candies,” says junior Brooke Iacobazzi.

According to wrbl.com, some of the most common candies recovered that contain drugs are, “…multi-colored tic tacs, with a Bart Simpson cartoon picture on the packaging. Red lollipops were also recovered. They were somewhat diamond-shaped with multi-colored, little candies inside.”

The LA Police Department offers the following advice for parents and their children.

-Don’t eat homemade treats unless it is from someone you know

-Cut and examine all fruit if you receive any

-Name brand candy may have a green packaging

-Avoid drinks that look like Mountain Dew

Even though the chances of coming across these candies are rare, everyone should know how to tell if something with their candy isn’t right.

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