THUG LIFE: The Hate U Give

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We’ve all heard about it. The movie that’s breaking the norm. “The Hate U Give” is an empowering movie. It’s about a young African American girl named Starr Carter (Amandla Stenberg), who watches her friend Khalil (Algee Smith) get shot by a white cop after being pulled over. Starr then has the choice to either be quiet and not testify, or to speak up for her friend.

One scene that was very powerful is right after the shooting, the Carters are sitting down to breakfast and her dad, Maverick (Russell Hornsby,) says “ Not everyone got superpowers like you, shine your light, I ain’t name you Starr by accident.”  

The way her dad says it, shows how much he believed that she could be the voice that changes everything.  He wants her to speak out for her friend. He believes that Starr is a light that people need to see.

The reason this movie was empowering is because it shows just how justice isn’t served; How if you are a young african american male, then you have a target on your back.

A scene that shows this is when Starr is talking to her Uncle Carlos (Common) who is on the police force. She asks him if you pull over a young African American and reach into the car do you say “hands up” or do you shoot?

Then she continues “what if you were in a white neighborhood, and it was a white man wearing a suit driving a mercedes he could be a drug dealer right? So if you saw him reach into the window and you thought that you saw a gun would you shoot him or would you say put your hands up?” He responds,  “I’d say put your hands up”

This was one of the most powerful quotes/statement throughout the whole movie. It truly shows how true this movie is. There have been several cases where a white cop has shot an African American, such as Emmit Till, Trayvon Martin, Aiyana, and many more.

The casting of this movie was truly amazing, there were some amazing actors/actress. Such as KJ Apa, Regina Hall, and Anthony Mackie. They were a lot of background characters that still had stories, and were still amazing. Another feature that was amazing was the cinematography, the way it changes from one scene to another was cool, all the scene connected.

This movie would get a five out of five paws.

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