Let’s go back to a time before I was born: the Mid90s

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“Mid90s” follows the troubles of Stevie, a young teen living in Los Angeles. He has a rough home life and befriends a group of rowdy skaters who change his views and outlook on life.

The movie encompasses what it is to be a teen. Set in an iconic decade of teenage rebellion, the story shows the difficulties of growing up and figuring out who one wants to be.

The premiere of “Mid90s” was September 9 in Toronto and released in the US October 19. According to Deadline.com, it grossed $249,500 from only four theaters its opening week, about $62,375 per theater. “Mid90s” has an approval rating of 79% on Rotten Tomatoes, and an audience score of 92%.

This is Jonah Hill’s debut as a director and many are surprised by how well he did.

“The fact that a star like Hill built this movie from the ground up, and did it with so much integrity and flair, lends it an undeniable hipster quotient.” says Variety Chief Film Critic, Owen Gleiberman.

Others think that Hill’s first film was less than amazing.

“For a [directorial] debut, I’d say… we can tell. There is very little exploration or creativity in Hill’s shots. Filled with awkward visual stagnancy and moments of dialogue gaps…an overall obviousness implies Hill has yet to learn how to portray subtlety or intimacy with a camera.” says Google reviewer Alise Secor

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