Masculinity Kills

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Masculinity Kills

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Some men are always determined to prove themselves worthy of being men, mostly because of society pressuring the younger generations. Men proving themselves is seen everywhere from movies, to plays and even songs. The social construct of men having to be tough and strong is potentially very poisonous to their minds, because of this, men are more likely to not accept rejection very well, because they are taught to always be the bigger person.

In gender standards, men are traditionally taught at an early age to not cry and show emotions because they have to be strong. Comments such as, “you run like a girl,” are often said as an insult to males, most likely at a young age. Males can suffer trauma from comments like this and they may feel as though they always have to prove themselves worthy and try to gain acceptance.

According to, “some men and boys will invariably feel like they are failing at “being a man.” For these particular men and boys, toxic masculinity has created a vacuum in their lives that can be filled through violence: through the abuse of women and of children in their care.”

This is toxic masculinity, which can become dangerous. Some men start to refuse no as an answer and act violent towards their significant other or friends. Men being turned down by women is seen as embarrassing, on some occasions men don’t like their friends laughing so they do anything for that woman to say yes. This is dangerous and can even lead to death.

According to, a Connecticut teen was charged as an adult for the murder of 16-year-old Maren Sanchez, Christopher Plankson asked Sanchez to prom, Sanchez declined his offer and Christopher stabbed her to death minutes later. He quickly told the police he commited the crime.

This heartbreaking story truly shows the horror of rejection. These cases are also very common. An image is set for men to not cry or show any signs of emotion. Men also like to consider themselves as strong individuals that don’t follow to women. Due to these standards, men conform and this could be a reason why they don’t handle rejection very well.  

Personally I have experienced a similar issue. Freshman year of high school, a guy that I was starting to know wanted to talk to me. He was also one of my peers. I noticed how controlling he was and I didn’t like that, because I liked being independent. I messaged him and told him that I do not want him messaging me suggested that we should stop being friends. He said he would do anything to fix us and would constantly try to talk to me. After multiple weeks of him trying to talk to me, my brother messaged him and told him to leave me alone. No, I didn’t block him, but why should I? He was in the wrong trying to keep messaging me and not respecting my decision to cut communication.

“The word ‘no’ isn’t the only phrase we can say for them to stop,” Drea Fregroso continued, “We can say no with other words and even actions.”

Situations like these are truly terrifying. You really don’t know when a situation can get out of hand. This one was getting out of hand, and the fact that my the guy didn’t respect my decisions when I said no, but he respected my brothers decision to leave me alone. These are toxic males that need to learn how to respect others.

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