Red for Ed

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Red for Ed

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Recently, there have been many teachers who have gone on strike across the United states, but mostly in Colorado and Arizona. “Red for Ed” is a movement to spread the word on how poorly teachers around America get paid. There is a serious teacher crisis that is rising and can affect future generations of children, because of this teacher shortage, the future generation of kids will start to experience poor performance skills in education.

According to, “many of the states where teachers have demanded more pay are in red (Republican) strongholds, like West Virginia, Kentucky, Oklahoma, and Arizona,” Utah is a republican state, hence the reason why teachers that work for public schools in Utah are riding the wave of the strikes just like the other republican states.

Teachers are so vital to society, without them, we wouldn’t be the people we are today. They have been there along the way ever since preschool or kindergarten. Without teachers’ guidance many people would be so lost. People aren’t really noticing the impact that teachers make.

According to, “The national average starting teacher salary is $38,617, while the average teacher salary in America (non-starting) is $58,950,” this is one of the reasons why teachers are going on strike. Teachers deserve a high salary pay. Not only do they educate us with the essential learning we need to grow up, they are also going through so much stress with some students that need more help than others and with paying of certain bills.

With the yearly salary of a teacher being so low, many high school graduates feel less encouraged to become educators, and it’s not all about the money. Our educators go through so much stress and don’t get paid enough for it.

Because teachers are not getting paid enough, teachers tend to get a second job to support themselves during the summer because students don’t attend school until summer is over.

Jasmine Gonzales, an English teacher in Santa Ana, California, also works part time at a flower shop near her home called “Everyday Flowers.” Gonzales teaches at a public school where many of her students don’t have as many privileges as their peers. She tends to buy extra materials for her students that don’t have the money for school supplies, sometimes she buys food for her students that struggle as well.

“I’ve been teaching for about 3 years now,” Gonzales continued,” I also work at Everyday Flowers as a summer job when school is out; sometimes it gets tough when I don’t make much because most of my money goes to my students.”

Gonzales spends a lot of her money on her students. She does it out of generosity because she genuinely wants her students to succeed in school. Gonzales is in support of Red for Ed.

Hillcrest High school has many teachers like Gonzales who also want their students to succeed even if that means buying a student materials to do so.

This needs to change, by raising teachers salaries, the teacher shortage crisis will start to decrease and soon enough we will not have enough educators for our future generation.

“I actually wanted to be a teacher, but I feel kind of discouraged because I heard teachers don’t get paid well,” Angela Rivera continued “ I want to be financially stable and I definitely think a teachers salary should be more than what they are making today.”

Teachers are so important, and we need to spread awareness of the crisis.

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