Did the Warriors break the NBA?



The NBA has changed drastically over the past 20 years. The three point shot has become a primary way of scoring, defense has become weaker, and finishing strong at the rim isn’t seen as frequently.

During the 2016 NBA offseason, all star small forward Kevin Durant left Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder for the Golden State Warriors. At the time, Golden State had Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, some of the best three point shooters in history, as well as Draymond Green and Andre Iguodala.

This created the most current and active super team in the NBA. Since Kevin Durant’s arrival to the bay area, Golden State has averaged the most points per game out of all teams.

Currently, Golden State’s four out of their five starters made the All Stars game last year, and once Demarcus Cousins gets back from injury, all five of their starters will be All Stars.

According to ESPN, the Warriors have 44 superpoints. The next closest team is the Houston Rockets with 28 superpoints. Golden State has an obvious advantage and is dominating the NBA. A team earns superpoints by having players that are allstars or if they made first, second or third-team all NBA.

Superteams ruin the NBA, superstar players that deserve max salary contracts are taking minimum contracts in order to get an undeserved championship ring. For example, Demarcus Cousins, a four time NBA All Star, signed a one year, five million dollar contract with the Golden State Warriors. All for a ring that he should have to work for.

People and players often determine how good a player is based on the number of championship rings they have. But is the ring worth anything if you have to form a super team in order to get it instead of putting in the hard work that you should? Many of the leagues greats such as Allen Iverson, Karl Malone and Dominique Wilkins have never and will never win a championship ring.

Super teams dominate the league which make it less fun to watch games against super teams. The NBA needs to find a way to prevent super teams from forming. One of the ways they could prevent this is raising the minimum amount a veteran or former all star can sign for. With the Association salary cap, teams could only afford a few all stars if they want a full roster.

Another solution could be to lower the salary cap of large market teams and keep small market teams salary caps the same. This would level out the salary cap which would all most teams to offer all starts roughly the same amount of cash.

If NBA commissioner Adam Silver doesn’t figure out a way to prevent super teams from happening, the NBA may lose viewership. Fans don’t enjoy watching their favorite team get blown out of the water. Although it might be fun to watch super teams play, it gets annoying when no other teams stand a chance. Super teams will eventually ruin the National Basketball Association.