Midterms matter too


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November 6th was a very important day all over America. This is the day that Midterm elections took place. Midterm elections occur at the two-year midpoint of a president’s four-year term. Voters all over the country cast their ballots in local elections.

Often times, midterms are viewed as less important than the presidential elections. Voter turn out for local elections is always much smaller than for presidential elections. According to Pew Research Center, only 39.6% of Americans voted in the midterm elections during Barack Obama’s second term of presidency. However, midterms directly effect citizens more heavily than presidential elections.

Although the U.S. Government controls laws and makes decisions nationally, power is given to the states. Therefore, when voting for state and local candidates, decision makers for the specific state are elected. People vote more regularly in the Presidential elections because the President holds so much power, but his decisions don’t have as big of an impact on the everyday lives of most people. The President works along with the other parts of the government, he is not on his own.

There are problems that people face that can make it harder to vote, but almost all of them can be resolved easily. One of these problems is that a person may not be registered to vote. However, Utah is one of the few states where a citizen can register to vote the day of.

Another problem faced is the lack of political knowledge. This is the easiest problem to solve. Right now is the era of information. Access to the internet and the answer to almost any question is available in seconds. All it takes to learn about candidates and propositions in question is a google search.

Some people may feel like their voice doesn’t matter. In retrospect, if everybody feels that way, nothing is going to change. One vote holds more significance than the voter may realize. It is a step towards change for the better.

Voting is very important. It is not a burden of being a citizen, it is a privilege. It is the chance to voice one’s opinion, and that freedom should not be taken for granted.

If you voted in the most recent midterm elections, Thank you! You are an American citizen working towards improvement.