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Hillcrest High varsity basketball team

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Hillcrest High varsity basketball team

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While football season may have come and gone, Hillcrest is ready to start their next best thing. Basketball season is right around the corner and everyone is excited. Players have been training all year to get back into basketball season and the wait is finally over.

On Monday November 5 through Wednesday November 7, Hillcrest held its boys basketball tryouts. They are looking for all boys freshman through senior who are interested in playing basketball for the season. Hillcrest has a freshman, sophomore, junior varsity, and varsity team for basketball. So they are looking for all types of skill levels.

Hillcrest has held previous open gyms before so that the coaches could get a look at some of the players, but now its the real thing. Our season is about to start and everyone is anxious for it to start. Sanjin Kolovrat is the basketball coach and he will be organizing these tryouts.

Cole Henline, a Junior at Hillcrest said, “The open gyms were definitely super helpful, just because it helped me get back into the basketball mindset and it definitely got me pumped for the season”

Zach Katzenbach, who is also a Junior at Hillcrest said, “I think we are all super excited to get this season started, and so far tryouts are going really well so I can’t wait to see how it all turns out”

The tryouts went very well and Hillcrest definitely got some great basketball players. Many returning players received spots on the team. Their Varsity basketball team has many Juniors and Seniors, but it also includes Porter Nielson who is a freshman playing varsity.

All boys were invited to come and tryout and a lot of people were very excited. Not only are the players excited for the season to start, but our student section is ready to cheer a little louder as our players roll into the new season.

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