December date ideas

December date ideas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… to take that special someone on a date. This is a list of date ideas to keep you having fun all season.

  1. Ice skating

The murray rec-center offers a great rink and experience for only $10

  1. Pumpkin patch

Cornbelly’s or pumpkin nights is a great example of places to get in to the pumpkin filled spirit.

  1. Making cookies

Homemade or package bought make cookies is very fun, the process and eating them included.

  1. Canyon drive

Little Cottonwood canyon offers beautiful scenery showing each other your favorite songs while going up the mountain sounds like a dream.

  1. Card games

Cards against humanity would be a great ice breaker as its jokes can bring your wild side out.

  1. Scary movie

A true excuse to cuddle up to your loved one and even have nightmares for days, what’s not to like?

  1. Gardner village

Located in West Jordan visiting Gardner Village to have dinner at the archibalds or just grabbing a caramel apple would be so fun.

  1. Zoo or aquarium

Both ideas would be great as a first date because it offers lots of time to chat and find alike interests including those that are animal related.

  1. Park city mainstreet visit

Not only is it rich with history and scenery it offers places to grab a coffee or brunch.

  1. Picnic at silverlake

Grab some Cafe Rio or make a lunch at home then head up to silver lake to enjoy a snack and the scenery, if it gets chilly don’t worry I’m sure your date will offer their jacket.