Enough is enough

Enough is enough

The argument that gun laws need to be changed due to the many lives lost, including children’s, seems like a no brainer, yet America has found a way to be torn on the issue.

Many feel that current regulations are enough. For example, selling guns there is background checks, but are those even enough? The problem of gun show loopholes seems like a simple fix as The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence says,

“Closing the dangerous loophole merely requires unlicensed gun sellers at gun shows to conduct the same instant background checks that licensed dealers must conduct.”

Simple fixes to loopholes and getting guns out of the wrong hands, the argument comes up many feel that these minor adjustments to gun laws won’t make a difference. However the only way to get anything done is to push the first domino, to achieve no more gun violence in America.

ABC News stated, “The March For Our lives movement is a the largest movement since the Vietnam War”.

The movement was mostly led by youth after the shooting in Florida at a school, where 17 lives were lost. This shooting was not the only reason for this movement to begin, but the youths way of saying,  enough is enough. Something needs to be changed.

When looking for change we look to the higher powers that we elect into office. The government officials however aren’t doing much. The President of the United States did surprisingly make some differences in laws after the Las Vegas shooting. He proposed the ban on bump stocks however experts featured on The Guardian stated,

“Bump stocks … the device had no self-defense value, since it is impossible to fire guns with any accuracy when using a bump stock”

While Trump did ban bump stocks his refusal to do anything more to gun laws is why shootings keep occurring.

According to Gun Violence Archive, just in this past year there have been 307 shootings in the United States, that have left at least one dead or injured. More than 12,000 people have died from gun related violence just this year alone.

For students the question is no longer if we will have a school shooting, but when we have a school shooting. It has become far too common of a headline in the news that people’s lives were lost because of gun violence. People argue that the changes that are proposed aren’t going to make a change but how will we ever know if we do not at least try. The effort of reducing gun violence in the US is worth the while of our government.

In the end, one life should’ve been a wake up call that something needs to change. Gun laws to be strengthened, the flaws in selling guns changed, but when will America wake up and realize, that enough is enough?