How to create a vegetarian thanksgiving

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How to create a vegetarian thanksgiving

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It’s nearing that time of year where people’s family and relatives gather around to eat and to have awkward social time. For some, though, even mealtime can be intimidating. With turkey as one of the biggest and popular Thanksgiving foods, vegans and vegetarians alike may feel a disconnect. Here is how you can handle these kinds of relatives.

Having lots of fruits and vegetables at the host’s house can lead to the creation of many vegetarian side-dishes. Just be sure to include lots of variety in their side-dishes so that those who are vegetarian or vegan can enjoy a full Thanksgiving.

To make the vegetarian eaters feel like they are more a part of Thanksgiving, though, it should be considered to make large vegetarian options, including an alternate turkey.

Tofu turkey is an example of a large vegetarian option that tastes similar to its carnivore counterpart. One benefit with this alternate turkey is that there is no cholesterol, unlike regular turkey.

Stuffing is another Thanksgiving classic but can be given a vegetarian twist with being made with quinoa. In addition to having the stuffing being made of quinoa, one could add nuts and fruits or vegetables like apples and sweet potatoes. If you want to find another way to make vegetable stuffing, a Google search is just a click away.

If soup is more the family favorite, stay festive but vegetarian with pumpkin soup. You must be sure to include spices and use almond milk or other vegan alternatives for those on a diet. An addition thing one could add would be other vegetables not always associated with pumpkin soup.

Lastly, while burgers may not scream Thanksgiving, an option for those that are vegan can be a veggie burger. Instead of meat, one can make a patty with vegetables such as black beans, onions, and bell peppers. One can make it fit the Thanksgiving theme by adding typical Thanksgiving spices, such as pumpkin spice or ginger, and making a cranberry jam to put on the burger.

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