The Juul life is not the life for me

The Juul life is not the life for me

Vaping has become the most recent epidemic, but it has especially hit hard recently in high schools. High School students have started getting their hands on all sorts of products for vaping.

Juul’s have become one of the most popular products for vaping. The National Institute of Drug Abuse said, “7 in 10 teens are exposed to e-cig advertisements.” This shows how advertising has a large effect on teens buying these products.  One of the most dangerous things about Juul’s is that there is currently no restriction on the level of nicotine that it can contain. This means they contain a very high amount of nicotine and a lot of different chemicals that can be very harmful.

The government has received a lot of pressure about this teen vaping epidemic, and they are working towards changing that. They have recently put a new ban on Juul pods. Juul labs will now not be selling most of their flavored pods in their retail stores. They will also be stopping their promotions on social media.

At Hillcrest High School vaping is definitely common. Many people know people that vape, or they vape themselves. It is common in all high schools, and many students don’t know what the effects will be of them vaping.

“Vaping at Hillcrest is super prevalent,” says Ella Copinga, a Junior at Hillcrest High School. Copinga continues, “For example people refer to the bathrooms as juul rooms!”

Many people see this problem at many high schools, and the government  did this in hopes that it will lessen the amount of teenagers vaping, or at least make it more difficult to get their hands on the product. And also by stopping social media promotions this will lessen their marketing for their product. Which also affects teenagers.

Sheila Kaplan wrote in the New York Times and said, “In recent months, the F.D.A. has mounted an increasingly aggressive campaign against the major manufacturers of vaping products that appeal to young people, focusing particularly on Juul.”

The government realizes that this is a major problem, and if nothing is done about it it will just keep getting worse. Teenagers all over the country are vaping, and they are not realizing what it does to their bodies. Hopefully this ban, will help lessen some of these problems.