Susan Powell cold case

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After three years of investigation, new information has come to the surface in the Susan Powell case. Susan Powell’s disappearance and the death of her husband and two sons is a case that has caught the nation’s attention from the very beginning.

Susan Powell went missing from her house in West Valley, Utah in December 2009. Her husband, Josh Powell, claimed that he and their two children went camping the night of his wife’s disappearance. The alibi, however, always seemed suspicious.

Throughout this entire investigation, Josh seemed to always be a step ahead of the police. They were never able to file any charges against him and the case seemed to go cold.

About a month after Susan’s disappearance, Josh Powell packed up their house and the kids and moved to South Hill, Washington. Steve Powell, Josh’s father, had his home searched in August 2011, where they were living at the time. There, police found child pornography and Josh lost custody of his two boys, but retained supervised visits.

Josh then began renting a home in Graham, Washington and during one of the boys visits there he lit the house on fire and killed himself and both his boys. Whatever secrets that Josh had about the disappearance of his wife, Susan, it would seem he took them to the grave.

In November 2018, KSL released a podcast that explains Josh’s life, past relationships, and his father’s obsession with Susan.

An ex-girlfriend of Josh has decided to speak out about their controlling relationship. Josh controlled the money, where she went, who she talked to and what she said. She was only able to escape their one year long relationship when she went on a trip to Utah and never returned to Washington.

Josh met Susan after this ex-girlfriend and got married very quickly. Throughout this marriage, Steve became obsessed with Susan. He loved to take pictures of her without her knowledge, and accidentally recorded a very long conversation in the car confessing his love to her and she totally rejected him.

The case of Susan Powell remains unsolved. Because of new information that has been found, hopefully down the road they will be able to resolve this mystery.

You can listen to this new podcast series, Cold.

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