Salt Lake City or Denver for the Olympics?

Salt Lake City or Denver for the Olympics?

Although it seems to be far in advance, the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) has to consider this year who they want for an Olympic bid for the Winter Olympics that will happen 12 years from now.

For the 2030 Olympics, Salt Lake City and Denver are the remaining U.S. candidates, according to KUTV News.

The third U.S. candidate was Reno-Tahoe, Nevada, but, as reported by The Denver Post, Reno pulled out of the running due to how big of a financial burden it would be for them.

A statement issued by the Reno Tahoe Winter Games Coalition stated that hosting the 2030 Winter Olympics “would not be feasible financially for our region.”

USOC officials visited Denver on November 13 and then Salt Lake City on November 14 to help them decide which city would be the better fit for the U.S. bid.

Salt Lake City previously hosted the 2002 Olympics, meaning SLC has had experience with hosting the Olympics.

At the same time, Josh Kanter, founder of Alliance for a Better Utah, questioned if the Utah capital could handle the Olympic demand, as he remarked, “We don’t really have the infrastructure in place for some of these things as well. Those long term consequences, the environmental consequences…there are a lot of things I think people need to think about long and hard.”

The Denver Channel News has stated that while the Denver option would be controversial for Colorado citizens, Denver would have the option to host “a privately-funded Winter Games,” unlike SLC, which has not given a plan to privately fund the Olympics.

Although it has not been voted on by Denver or Colorado citizens, Mayor Michael Hancock believed Denver could host the 2030 Olympics and that the citizen could benefit from the experience, as he stated, “These events could serve as a catalyst to help solve challenging issues statewide, including growing traffic congestion and the housing crisis.”

According to The Salt Lake Tribune, the USOC is expected to reach a final decision by the end of 2018.