True blue

True blue

Midvale Journal

Anyone who has ever taken AP Government is very familiar with Sam Richins’ funny stories and occasional swears. Nineteen years have come and gone since he started working here, and in two decades he says he has seen a lot of changes.

For eighteen years he was here as a basketball coach as well as a teacher. He used to teach US History, but now he solely teaches AP Gov. He has some ideas what he might want to do otherwise, but his plan was always to teach.

“If I wasn’t a teacher I might go into political science or be a lobbyist. Maybe got into forestry, I love the national parks”

And he was not lying. Out of the 58 national parks in the United States, he has been to 38. Overall though, Yellowstone, home of the legendary Old Faithful, is his favorite. “I go once or twice a year.”

Some of his other favorite things include the color blue, and BYU. The wall of his classroom is plastered with posters of the football and basketball team. He also enjoys ordering sausage McMuffins from McDonalds.