Funny shows to watch that aren’t The Office

Funny shows to watch that aren't The Office

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Superstore- on Hulu

Superstore follows a group of employees and their shenanigans while working at a store called Cloud 9.

The Goldbergs- on Hulu

This show is based on a real family’s daily life in the 80’s. Their son took home videos and has actors act out some of the families funniest memories. It has elements of humor but also heartwarming family love.

That 70’s show- on Netflix and Comedy central

That 70’s show follows a group of teens as they make their way through high school in the 70’s. Including authentic 70’s style, music, and…well…abuse of substance. I mean, it was a long, strange trip through the 70’s afterall.

New girl- on Netflix

The main character, Jessica Day, breaks up with her boyfriend and moves in with three single men in a New York apartment. The three friends quickly realize that unique girl needs their friendship and support and they all quickly become like family.

The Good Place- on Netflix

A woman who suffers an untimely death gets sent to The Good Place, a kind of heaven. She quickly realizes that she’s not supposed to be there, and continues to try and change herself for the better to fit in there.

Brooklyn 99- on Hulu

Jake Peralta, a immature and funny police detective, finds ways to keep his serious work environment entertained.