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The Nazi Salute is a greeting gesture used by German Nazi soldiers, which consists of extending your right arm in the air and keeping your palm down. The salute was used to “hail Hitler” which throughout the years up to the 21st century became very offensive, considering the horrific actions during the holocaust.

This is why a prom picture from Baraboo High school sparked controversy all over social media.  The photograph consisted of more than 50 males; students from Baraboo High school, who had extended their right arms up, performing the Nazi salute.

Many of the students said it was a simple misunderstanding. The picture that has been surfaced around the internet with many questioning whether the students had meant to do the pose or if it was just a simple misunderstanding. The post which has since been taken down was posted some time during the early days of November.  

“It was just a big confusion,” explained one of the teens whose name has still not been identified, according to

Some of the teens in the photograph defended themselves by saying that the photographer instructed the teens to throw up the “hi sign,” as stated by the unidentified teen. The teen asked his friend what the “hi sign” was, at the time not comprehending, which his friend responded by not understanding as well. The teen saw his friend do the Nazi salute, which at the time he said he didn’t realize what he was doing, until the pictures came out.

The actions of the students confused many people on whether the students did the pose on purpose or not. Who doesn’t know what the “hi sign” is? We use it to greet most of the people we know. Waving your hand with your palm up is completely different than extending it with your palm down.

The photographer also explained what he instructed the students to do, but why would he still take the picture? The photographer knew what they were doing and he did nothing to stop them. How hard is it to tell the students not to do such an offensive gesture.

According to, “The image of students in the Baraboo School District originally was posted on the @GoBaraboo parody account with the caption, ‘We even got the black kid to throw it up’.”

The picture, which was tagged #Baraboo Proud, has since been taken down, and police and school officials now promise to look into it further. Although many of the students took part in the gesture, one student in particular stood out to us all.

Jordan Blue is a senior at Baraboo High school, and was the only student in the picture who didn’t raise his hand. In an interview with, Blue discussed how his classmates actions were not acceptable and they were well aware of what they were doing, “[The photographer] did not say raise your hand in a Nazi symbol way. And I’m pretty sure my classmates just interpreted as raise your hand, let’s do this as a joke.”

A lot of people have had things to say to these students including the Wisconsin governor. According to, “Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says high school students who appear to be giving a Nazi salute in a photo are “a bunch of idiots.” 

“There is no place for Nazi’s today in society,” said Salar Ahmed, a student at Hillcrest.

There is enough evidence to prove that the students; including the photographer, were in the wrong. It might have started as a joke at first but joking about a topic that is still sensitive to others is not okay. These students were in the wrong and those who are defending them should have an open

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