Hillcrest’s biggest pet peeves

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Hillcrest’s biggest pet peeves

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You know that feeling you get when someone starts chewing with their mouth open, or doesn’t use their blinker? That is called a pet peeve. Something abnormally irritating that sticks out and bugs you.

Here are some of Hillcrest Students biggest pet peeves:

Tiara Otteson: “When people chew with their mouths open or smack their lips.”

Gavin Carr: “People blasting their own music in the hallway.”

Heidi Abbott: “People stopping the microwave and not clearing off the remaining few seconds.”

Alex Cater: “When people don’t give you a clear answer.”

Allie “I hate when people don’t signal in parking lots.”

Camden Westra: “(people) chewing with their mouth open.”

Emily Doak: “When people don’t use their blinker.”

Lindsay Bringhurst: “When people don’t use their turn signal.”

Lucas Bolster: “When people use your instead of you’re.”

Alec Thorlakson: “When someone responds really late to a text message.”

Anthony Vail: “When there is a fly flying around and it flies by your ear.”

Vinh Leo Tran: ‘People having themselves as their screensaver.”

Elijah Walker: “People that think they’re always right.”

James Skinner: “People not following through on something.”

Tafalagilua Pedro: “When I’m opening a door for someone and they don’t say thank you.”

Nicholas Hart: “People not being able to drive on the freeway/during winter conditions orrrr whenever people run with heavy feet.”

Jacob Ruplinger: “When people say they are going to do something, and then don’t. Basically when people are hypocrites.”

Allie Jones: “I hate when people don’t signal in parking lots.”

Emily Doak: “When people don’t use their blinker.”

Isabel Phillips: “People who lie.”

Brynna Christenson: “When guys driving past rev up their engines, it’s like cat calling but with a car.”

Meena Balamurugan: The misuse of your/ you’re, there/their, etc.”

Madeline Mismash: “When people fish for compliments.”

Max Abbott: “When people stop suddenly in a crowded hallway.”

Addie Thompson: “I’m a total grammar/spelling nazi.”

Grace Cobabe: “When people complain about something they have the power to change.”

Zaynab Salih: “When people crack their bones.”

Cameron McCleary: “When people complain about something that’s not that difficult.”

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