School systems fail minorities

School systems fail minorities

Racism has always been an issue in the United States dating back from the late 18th Century, and still common in present day society. The educational system was never meant for white women much less people of color.

During the colonial period, men were taught by men at schools while women who were young were taught at home by mothers. The women were taught how to nurse and clean and how to prepare food. Schools were segregated by gender.

Racism is the act of prejudice or discrimination towards someone based on their skin color. Racism in the school system can vary, from not having access to certain opportunities that your white peers have to getting more punishments such as, more suspension time or no warnings before detention.

“I really do not think that our school doesn’t try to include people of color as much as they should. School activities are full of our white peers and we the minorities feel award and left out making us not want to attend any activities anymore,” said Rocio Ramirez, a student at Hillcrest.

According to, “Nationwide, black students graduated at a rate of 69 percent; Hispanics graduated at 73 percent; whites graduated at a rate of 86 percent.” The percentage of minorities failing is a complicated issue, but some factors come into play.

Minorities, specifically people of color are not getting the same opportunities as their white peers in the education system. An article from researched that “in 20 districts across the state, it cost $2,500 to be a member of the cheerleading squad. In another, students paid $2,798 to participate in show choir.” Most minorities don’t have the access to this kind of money.

As seen on, nine percent of the white population in America is facing poverty;the black population is 22%; the hispanic population is 20%; other ethnicities are 13%. Minorities are more vulnerable to poverty than whites. This indicates that minorities are less likely to graduate than their white peers.

“Seeing as the education system in this country was created to benefit white people is flawed from the start! Minorities were set up to fail in this country from the start and the education they are provided is a prime example of that,”Alex Jensen, a worker at the boys and girls club continued, “ The best teachers and the best schools are financially placed in richer neighborhoods which are dominated by white people, while the poorer people are not given the best teachers or the best schools to succeed in and are also not in the best circumstances to succeed in school.”

There is still racism in the school system. We need to fix this problem to make America a better place for future students. Students are the future of the countries economy and outcome. There needs to be more opportunities for minorities and more equality in the school system.