Christmas traditions


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Every year, in December, many families come together to celebrate the biggest holiday. They wrap presents for each other and put them under the newly decorated Pine tree.

Until the 1800’s, Christmas was not celebrated because it wasn’t seen as Christian behavior. Many people started to celebrate the holiday because society started to accept partying. In 1870, Christmas became a federal holiday and soon traditions became more than just symbols of Christianity.

“The live Nativity with my Grandma is my favorite tradition because it’s always so special and brings a new meaning to Christmas.” said Nicole Poelman a junior at Hillcrest High school

One of the most famous traditions for Christmas is putting up the Christmas tree and hanging ornaments. Brenda Lee sings “Rockin’ around the Christmas tree, At the Christmas party hop.”

Traditionally, pine trees were chopped down and set in the living room of a house but many people have stopped chopping down the trees and instead invest in a fake tree to save money and the environment.

Another tradition is hanging stockings above the fireplace. Many children put their stockings above the fireplace to be filled on Christmas morning with candy. The stocking tradition comes from the old tale that children would hang their wet socks over the fire to dry but then when Santa would come, he would fill the socks with candy.

The Presents under the tree having a deeper meaning than any of the other traditions. Presents symbolize the gifts the wise men gave to Jesus when he was born. We give gifts now to make others happy and to see a smile on their face but when Jesus was born it was a token of gratitude.

The meaning of Christmas originally was to get together with family and celebrate the life of Christ. Many people now celebrate Christmas to get together with their families and to give gifts to each other in celebration of each other.

It truly is the most wonderful time of year because many remember the reasons they love life. Seeing the Bright, red and green Christmas lights and the presents under the tree, brings nostalgia to everyone of their childhood.

The original song Silver Bells says, “In the air, there’s a feeling of Christmas, Children laughing, people passing, Meeting smile after smile.”

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