To debate is no question: Hillcrest debate

Dr. Sneddon

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Hillcrest High School is famous for it’s theatre, as seen through various awards Hillcrest has achieved in that category, such as those pointed out by Deseret News. However, there is another excellent club having a good season this year that Hillcrest students may not be familiar with.

Colton Lawson from Hillcrest Debate explained, “We always have someone rank highly, but usually we have at least three people rank. Considering how small our team is, we are very good.”

Hillcrest Debate, or Debate and Speech, with Dr. Sneddon as the adviser, is a club in a sense that a group of students sharing the same interest meet frequently.

Debate students come together each 8th period in Dr. Sneddon’s room, C211.

In addition to debating, Lawson elaborated, “Alongside arguing competitively with students from other schools, we also have an expansive speech program where we perform speeches against each other.”

On November 29 and 30, Hillcrest students competed at Alta High School in the Silver and Black Debate Tournament, according to the official Hillcrest calendar.

The Debate team did not specify what the results at the Alta Invitational were but according to, Hillcrest didn’t place very high at the event.

“Ursa Major is our next tournament (on December 7 and 8). It’s one of the larger competitions and one we’ve done well with in the past,” Lawson stated.

According to, Hillcrest had 18 entries compete at the Ursa Major Copper Hills Tournament. While most of these entries were in the more-advanced Varsity category, some were in the Novice level of their particular event.

As of December 11, reported that Ayanna Evans and Isabel Philips of Hillcrest placed 1st in Novice Congress and Varsity Congress, respectively. Another nineteen Hillcrest students either placed in their event or are still in the preliminary part of their event.

Unlike some other clubs, Debate has different policies when it comes to state and national competitions.

“There is a national qualifier tournament and the top students get to go. Last year, two students from Hillcrest (were) accepted. In order to go to state, you have to go through region and place high enough individually,” Lawson explained.

Following the next competition, Hillcrest will compete at Highland High School on January 4 and then Copper Hills High School on January 7.

“Our team is very small compared to other schools. We have very good competitors and we work a lot with our novices/newcomers,” Lawson added.

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