A class of high schoolers go to jail

A class of high schoolers go to jail

Students at Hillcrest High went to the Utah jail on November 20. Its tradition for the students taking Law enforcement to go on this field trip every year. Law enforcement is a class taught by the schools officer. Students learn how the Justice system is run and go into more depth about laws in the state of Utah and the US.   

When going through the jail, you first got checked in and put everything you had into a locker. Then you got to see the viewing room where inmates stand and the victims of a crime identify the suspect.

The students got a background and learned about how the jail is organized into systems and points. There is minimum, medium, and maximum security. The students got to see how getting booked into jail works.

The class was split into two groups each escorted by a lieutenant. The tour lasted about 3 hours. We got to see how minimum, medium and maximum security all looked like too.

Minimum security is more free and is only earned through good behavior. You could come in for a simple crime and have horrible behavior and be moved to maximum security. In minimum security you can still work and cook. The jail also has a high school where inmates can get a GED. The officer said that the jails goal is to have people leave jail smarter and a better person than they come in as.

“The jail was not what I was expecting it to be, I was expecting the bars and inmates acting really weird but this helped me realize they’re still people,” says Haris, a junior at Hillcrest who attended the field trip.

Not all of the (prisoners) are bad people, they just have made some bad decisions. Which is what this trip is really about. Not to scare you, but to give you a reality check.

For me though the Jail was a different experience then i thought it would be. Some of the inmates were funny, the officers and them didn’t have horrible relationships and there is respect received where respect is given.

The trip gave most students an eye opener. Jail isn’t like it is in the movies and it also teaches you that even though you may think that your actions may not have consequences that do.