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Hillcrest High School PawPrint News 

Mission Statement

  • To encourage students to be informed and take action
  • To serve as a voice for the student body
  • To uphold an ethical and objective stance in all reporting
  • To unify Hillcrest High as one community
  • To provide interesting, current, and relatable coverage


2020 – 2021 PawPrint Staff


Managing Editors

Adviser: Lyndee McKay

Editor-in-Chief: Maggie Erekson

Copy Editor: Emmie Manwaring

Photo Editor: Oliver Smith

Social Media Editor: Madi Alvey


Section Editors

News Editor: Alaina Stonebraker

Features Editor: Maria Martinez

Arts & Entertainment Editor: Cole Phillips

Sports Editor: Kael McCleary

Opinion Editor: Amelya Scherschligt



Jase Clements

Tiara Otteson

Annie Healy

Max Lepore

Yeni Orduno

Jesus Rodriguez

Ella Walker

Mikko Hansen


2019-2020 Newspaper Staff



2018-2019 Newspaper Staff


2017-2018 Newspaper Staff



2016-2017 Newspaper Staff




2015-2016 Newspaper Staff

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